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Video Creator


I am a Production Manager/Producer based in New York City. I am passionate about producing stories that explore the human connection while manifesting a style that both captivates and inspires.

Born in Dalian, China and raised in Houston, Texas, I have always considered myself the artistic type, but chose to ignore it for a more traditional path. I was not happy adhering to the Asian status quo and yearned for more creative and personal fulfillment. There are many paths to success.

Over the years, I learned to embrace my creative nature. Vigorously learning video production techniques while working across media companies and functions to build my own venture. Today, I work with production and distribution companies in Asian countries to prepare content for the American audience. I am also working on a time travel, sci-fi film in the pre-production phase.

The endless ways to tell a story motivate me to maintain a collaborative environment between the cast and crew. I find that in a positive work environment where ideas can be expressed comfortably, the quality of the finished project becomes outstanding. My passion for diversity, fictions, and advancement sparks everything I do.

In the past, I have produced a drama, thriller, and suspenseful short film Tongues and guided and managed a couple documentaries with over millions of views that have appeared on Discovery, Netflix, and YouTube. Stars included Migos, Cardi B, Liam Payne, Joey Bada$$, Benny Boom, Hasan Minhaj, Snoop Dogg, Jordan Peele and Awkwafina. I am also a participating member of the New York Women in Film and Television.

Media + Work


Over the last few years, I have worked on various projects and productions. For a more condensed version of my experience, view a PDF of my resume.

Wendy is fluent in Mandarin, excellent at research, and assisting with all pre-production needs. She tackles tasks proactively by asking smart questions and offering great suggestions. She learns quickly and is very professional and polite. I recommend her on any production.”

- Kris CarreƱo, Producer

She worked with me on a documentary for Discovery that I was filming and directing in New York City. She was always observing what's going on around her on set. And what really caught my attention, is that I don't remember calling her or asking her to do something, she was the one who was always making sure I had what I needed and anticipated what needed to be done.”

- Elie Khadra, Director/Producer

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